Chapter Monthly Report 

NCSA Local Chapter Monthly Report

Local Chapter Name:  ____________________________________________________________________

Date of the chapter meeting________________________________________________________________

Report submitted by _________________________ Title__________________________

Was CPE offered at this meeting _________________ (Yes / No)?

If so, did you gather all required CPE materials to be sent to the NCSA Education Sub Committee Chapter CPE Programs Chairperson __________ (Yes/No)? 

Make sure you email these materials within 5 days to Trina Stahl at

            Speaker(s) ________________________________________

            Topics ____________________________________________________

How many chapter members attended this meeting? _________________

How many guests attended this meeting? __________________________

Did the chapter approve any new members this month? _______ (Yes/No) How Many? _________

Did the chapter drop any members this month or lose any members in any other way? _______ (Yes/No)

How many? ________

Please provide us with the names of any members that passed away during the month.

Please recap the activities of this meeting below.  Also include in your recap the next meeting date, place and speakers name and topic if possible.




Please submit this report via the Website: or Email this chapter report by the end of each month to NCSA Executive Director  for distribution to the following committees:  Chapter Promotions, Communications, Education Sub-Chapter CPE Programs, Web Page, and NCSA Executive Committee.

Date Emailed to Executive Director ______________ Date Emailed to Committees _________________

 Your support and timeliness in this reporting procedure is greatly appreciated.

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