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North Carolina Society of Accountants, Inc.

Promoting professionalism in accounting and taxation since 1947.


In 1947, the North Carolina Society of Accountants was founded to protect the practice rights of non-certified accountants in North Carolina. Through the ongoing monitoring of the NC State Board of CPA Examiners, legislative meetings and interaction and through promoting continuing professional education, the NCSA continues to meet our mission.

Message From ncsa President JENSE H CREIGHTON

As I write this final President’s message, I want to thank each of you for giving me the privilege of serving the NC Society of Accountants as President for the year 2018-19’. This society has been an important part of my life since becoming a full member in 1985. Even before that I was an Associate member starting in 1972.

 During this time, we have followed the guidance of our founders and kept our Right to Practice in North Carolina.  

Please take the time to realize the significance of this statement. North Carolina and the state of Kansas are the only states that can make that statement. This is because of good leadership and the Legislative Committee keeping us informed of proposed changes in the NC Legislative. You may not realize it but almost every year there is a bill introduced that would restrict our practice privileges and as of now we have always been able to defeat the bill with the help of the Legislative Committee and our Lobbyist.

 We are a small society of 300 members plus or minus, but we serve all accountants and tax practitioners in North Carolina to preserve their right to unrestricted practice.

At our annual convention in June we make decisions that effect the operations of this society.

We need everyone's input when it comes to electing our officers and board members. Please take the time to fill out your sheet of recommendations for the Nominating Committee so that you will have some input in our elections.

Even better, make the decision to attend the convention. Curt Lee, convention chair, and Candice Cansler, our Executive Director, have both spent many hours making sure this is one of the best conventions yet.

Also remember we have Bob Jennings presenting Practice Management Tuesday June 4. This  8 hours of CPE is designed for Accountants. James Upton, Education Chair always does a fantastic job organizing educational functions.

All the information about the Convention and the Jennings Seminar has been mailed and emailed to you numerous times. You can also find this information at www.ncsa1947.org.

A special thank you to our officers, board of directors, and committee members. Your dedication makes us a great society.

 In closing, I would like to thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving as your president of NCSA one more time.  Our society is in good hands with our new President, John McKinney. Please give him all the support you gave me.


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"THE ACCOUNTANT" is the official publication of the NCSA. Current topics concerning our industry, news from our local chapters, information of upcoming seminars and educational events, etc.

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