NCSA President's message continued...


In addition to everything else that has been going on our NCSA members have been busy as well. I had the opportunity to meet with our convention committee in Pinehurst recently, and preparations are underway to make sure our 71st Convention a great one. I keep hearing good things that are in store for the 72nd as well (keep up the good work Jense!). I also made a quick trip down to New Hanover County to attend the Wilmington Chapter meeting and enjoyed lively discussion and great hospitality, not to mention some beautiful scenery along the way.

As you all know by now both houses of congress have approved their own versions of a tax reform bill; as of this writing we are waiting on reconciliation or the process of settling on the final bill. One area of note is provisions related to pass through entities, especially S corporations, which have long been a target due to issues related to officer compensation. The new bill most likely will muddy the waters more, and we will all need to keep abreast of this for our clients in 2018. But as we all know a bill is just that, a bill, until it becomes a law-–which may or may not happen. In any case as we have said before this tax reform appears to be making more work for us instead of the simplification that has been touted.

In closing, I would like to wish every member of NCSA a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year . I am humbled by the way you all support each other and this profession; NCSA is the organization that it is because of you and the impact each of you make year after year. It is time to set some new goals and ascend to new heights as accountants and as an organization. Let’s make 2018 one of the best yet both personally and professionally! I am here to serve; if I can be of assistance to any of you, please contact me.

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